Sunday, March 29, 2015

Art Fart : Liza Lou

This morning I was sewing in my studio and listening to This American Life 24/7 channel. They were featuring an episode on obsession and the life and work of Liza Lou was act 3. She is a woman from New York obsessed with covering everything in beads.  I was immediately sucked in and had to google her work. The photo above is her kitchen, of after 5 years of meticulous beading.  Her latest exhibition is on its way to the Wichita Museum Of Art In Wichita, Kansas
Her next project after the kitchen in 1998 was titled "Backyard" which consisted of beading millions of blades of grass, this lawnmower and a complete picnic scene. 
For more about this amazing artist Liza Lou visit

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Retro Obscuro #13

1. Cadillac Baby - Bill Sherrell
2. Caravane - Les Fantomes
3. Cha Cha Twist - Brice Coefield
4. Floatin' - Vamp
5. For Your Love - Larry Williams
6. I Burned Your Letter - The Five Keys
7. It Only Took A Minute - Joe Brown & The Burvvers
8. Lookin' For My Baby (Ya Ya Ya) - The Nite Riders
9. Louie, Louie Go Home - Davie Jones & The King Bees
10. Lover Set Me Free - Roosevelt Grier
11. Nature Boy - The Shields
12. Over The Weekend - The Playboys
13. Possibility - The Crowns
14. The Rebel Kind - Dino, Desi & Billy
15. Tears In My Heart - The Impacts
16. Tears On My Face - Junior Lewis
17. Tell Me Why - Allen Wayne
18. This Is The Night - The Valiants
19. Two Heats Are Better Than One - The Paragons
20. When Your Hair Turns To Silver - The Jive Bombers

Background Music - "Why Not Cha Cha Cha" - Jerry Hanson