Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crafties : Scrap Fabric Projects

Good Morning! If you are a fabric hoarder like myself, you've got a few totes here and there jam packed with the tiniest scraps that are simply too cute to just throw away. I've discovered a few craft projects perfect for using up those teeny scraps. Bring some new life to those cute lil' thangs because they are prettier around the home rather in the tote bins!
DIY Spring Wreath from Silly Sold Suitcase
Scrap Busting Fabric Bowl from Pretty Prudent
Patchwork Lampshade from Sillymoo
Good Folks Shower Curtain from Made-By-Rae
Patchwork Decoupage Sewing Machine from AllWomenStalk

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Roadtrip : Johnson's Ole' Adventure Park. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Even though this place is closed and run down, the fact that it's still here and dilapidated makes it all the more beautiful. Over in North Western Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Brown Deer), Johnson's Park & Mini Golf was a neighborhood favorite in the 60's & 70's.  The entertainment park was complete with a waterside  go karts and a mini golf course. In the picture is a ceramic T-Rex on the mini golf course, one of the many creatures in the park. Take a peek at the awesome leftovers and visit asap!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gimmies : Vintage Fabrics

Good Morning! It seems I'm always on the lookout for eye candy. There is nothing more inspiring for for me, a quilter, than vintage fabric. Here are a few gems I discovered on Etsy, enjoy and purchase!
1. 1950's Novelty Sunflower Fabric from dreamingofsewing
2. Bright Vintage Scandi Fabric from WhatsNewOnThe Mantel
3. 70's Vintage Patchwork Fabric Bundle from oshyo
4. 1960's Go-Go Girl Cotton Fabric from WaveSong
5. Rare Vintage Rong Sarg 1930's Fabric from NeatoKeen