Thursday, February 25, 2016

Retro Birdhouse

I've been thinking about creating a birdhouse pattern for a few days now and this morning I got right down to it! Complete with faux woodgrain and kitschy floral wallpaper, with birdhouse pattern I made intended for making aprons. 
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Anniversary in MKE

With our Anniversary falling on a Tuesday, we decided to make a special little trip last Sunday to MKE. We visited Johnny's ole neighborhood and hopped around a few places on Brady Street. We had a great time stopping at a few great places like The Hi Hat Lounge/The Garage & The Nomad
We had a few IPAs and walked a little around the city. We snacked on Reuben Rolls at Hooligans and headed to the historic and gorgeous Oriental Theater for our main attraction. We saw "Where To Invade Next" with an extremely over sized soda & popcorn. It was nearly impossible to capture the beauty of the theater with my camera, but the floor in the bathroom was so cute! We headed home in time to get the boys to bed and get ready for Monday. It was a great date and a memorable occasion. It felt so great to be in the city again. 

Retro Obscuro #19

Today my husband "Johnny"& I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I've had a "Johnny" play list rattling around my iTunes for years. I've finally made a solid play list dedicated to my favorite person. Hope You Enjoy It & Happy Anniversary!

"Songs In The Key of Johnny"

1. Johnny’s Back In Town - Ann D’Andre
2. Oh Johnny - Baby Jean
3. Mr. Johnny Q - The Bobbettes
4. Bye Bye Johnny - Chuck Berry
5. Johnny Darlin’ - Connie Francis
6. Johnny Won’t Run Around - The Crescents
7. Johnny (Please Come Home) - Darlene Love
8. My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around Anymore - Flip & The Dateliners
9. Johnny Ander - Gale Haness
10. Johnny Loves Me - Glenda Collins
11. Oh Johnny - Janie Grant
12. Johnny Get Angry - Joanie Sommers
13. Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton
14. Johnny Johnny Johnny - Kay Cee Jones
15. Johnny Thunder - The Kinks
16. Johnny Cool - Little Peggy March
17. Johnny Will - Pat Boone
18. Run Johnny Run - Ramona King
19. Johnny Angel - Laurie Loman
20. Der Schone Johnny - Ted Herold

Background Music “ When Johnny Comes Slidin’ Home” - Hollywood Vines

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Blossom

I've caught a spring bug! Although we have a few more months of winter in Wisconsin, I'm ready for color again! The weather in the Midwest is similar to the weather in Scandinavian countries and I am finally understanding why colorful bright flowers are so popular in their design. 
I love the way this pattern turned out! 
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