Saturday, June 11, 2016

Custom Baby Blanket

Hey Folks! I gotta show off my latest completed project. A few months back, my Husband's cousin had asked me to make a quilt for her young son with the clothing from his first year. We both decided on a bright fun boys quilt and here is what I came up with.  I had too much fun picking out bright contrasting patterns to offset the designs of the clothing I used in the inner squares pictured above. 
I made it as goofy & kittywampus as possible for a fun children's quilt. 
I have to admit, quilting with stretchy t-shirt material is certainly challenging but a great way to upcycle clothing. I love the results!
For the backing of the quilt I used a thrifted sheet cleaned and pressed with a bright orange binding. 
Here's a shot of my sewing cave where the action happens. You can see the quilt top almost complete. 
It turned out wonderful and I hope they can cherish it for years to come!
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