Thursday, November 16, 2017

Herringbone Scrappy Quilt (In Progress)

Hey Folks! This is my current quilting project. Scrappy Herringbone. I've been working on this for a few months on & off. Strictly using vintage & modern fabric scraps from my leftover bins. I know it's a little crazy and it makes my eyes go a little wacko, but I love it!! I have a good 24 more blocks to go and the top'll be complete rounding out to be a large twin size quilt. 
This was the beginning back in early September 2017. 12 blocks in.
I have three scrap bins I choose from...modern & new fabrics or upcycled 100% cotton fabrics from clothes or bed linens, vintage fabrics or cut up retro clothing. Then a specialty bin for fabrics I've printed myself, cut up tea towel or aprons with characters or words on them. I like to mingle all three into my quilts to make them fun and entertaining to the eye. 
Each square is unique and far from perfect. I wanted to kinda eyeball the sizes of the strips of fabric and give it a little more "scrappy" character. 
Almost ready to stitch the whole thang togetha. 
You can tell I still have giant blocks of eight smaller blocks and it tends to get a little tricky to make sure all the seams meet up, but we'll make it work. This little lady will be entering my Etsy Shop in the near future! 
Hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my world of makeshift quilting. I am by no means a professional, but you can't say I'm not passionate!
Plenty more where this came from! Thanks for visiting. 
- Angela Wheeler.

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