Saturday, December 1, 2018

Retro Obscuro #39

All Right Baby - Janis Martin
You’re my Hollywood Star - The Teardrops
Stars In The Skies - The Chanters
Hongry - The Coasters
The Gypsy Said - The Fiestas
The Martian Band - The Wild Tones
Black Coffee - Little Johnny Clark
I’ll Tough A Star - Terry Stafford
Youpi Ya Tamouer - Danyel Gerard
Don’t Touch Me Tomato- George Symonette
Mama’s Little Girl - The Carolines
Hold Back The Tears - The Delacardos
Free Me - Robert Knight
I’m A Nothing - The Magic Plants
Holy Smoke Baby - The Cadillacs
Lover’s Hideaway - Don Heart
Bye Bye Baby - Dee Robb
Crazy Little Secret - Paul & Paula
Busy - Chuck Sedacca
Lips - Aziƫ Mortimer
  Background Music: The Jitterbug Waltz - Chet Atkins

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Owl Prints & Notecards Available Now!

Hello! So pleased to announce that my ordered prints and cards arrived today! They entered the Kitschy Mama Etsy Shop this afternoon just in time for holiday shopping. 
First off, Prints. I made 24 limited edition glossy premium yardstick prints measuring 11.5 x 8.
Bright, Colorful, Fun, Silly, Inspiring... Perfect for any well lit space, creative space or even a children's room. (This shot is right next to the window in my home studio above my desk). 
Next, Note cards. These turned out great on matte premium cardstock, measuring about 6 x4.5 inches. They are completely blank except for the front design and the back logo. 
Perfect for Thank You, Congratulation, Hello, Christmas Cards or even Invitations. 
I'm super excited about these and hopefully this is just the beginning. 
Thanks for checking out my artwork and reading my blog. Much Love, Kitschy Mama. 
Once again if you're interested in these goodies, check out my Etsy Shop.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Elephant Design


This lazy weekend I set aside some time to make a new design of this colorful Elephant. 
There is something totally therapeutic about cutting and pasting paper and having it evolve into something new. I added it to my Kitschy Mama Spoonflower shop this morning and ordered a swatch as well as one of the owl design I previously made. Since I ordered these designs this week, they should become available for purchase sometime in the next few weeks. I love the idea of these designs not only as fabric but as wallpaper and giftwrap too. The test swatches I made I hope to turn into products I can also feature in my Kitschy Mama Etsy Shop

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I've been up to!
Check back soon for exciting things to come!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

New Owl Design

 Hello! Excited to announce next week I will have prints and note cards available in my Etsy shop. I'm beyond pleased and excited about my new designs, keep yer eye out for new things & new designs! I've been experimenting with cut paper and very modern/folk designs that are so much fun to create. Any ideas what else you'd like to see these designs on? Fabric? Tote bags? Lemme Know!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Retro Obscuro #38

1. Baby, Don’t Do It - Charles Gray, Les Watson & The Panthers
2. La Mini-Jupe - Dominique Michel
3. Tapeworm Of Love - Brute Force
4. I Still Remember - The New Lime
5. Wheels - The String-A-Longs
6. Mailman - Randy McKee
7. The Slime - The Ad Libs
8. Good Gosh Golly Gee - The Blockbusters
9. For The Love Of Mike - Patti LaSalle
10. Ding Dong - The Echoes
11. I Heard About You - Charline Arthur
12. Can’t Stand To Be In Love With You - The Soul Survivors
13. Fun Fun - Lloyd Nolan
14. Satisfied Part 1 - The Cashmeres
15. Let’s Dance - David Marks & The Marksmen
16. Crazy Dream - Florence & The Nightingales
17. I’m A No Count - Ty Wagner
18. They Can’t Hurt Me - The Lyrics
19. There’s Always Something There To Remind Me - The Four Seasons
20. I’m On My Way - Barbara Dane
Background Music - Bodacious - The U.S. Rockets


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Retro Obscuro #37

1. War or Hands Of Time - The Master’s Apprentices
2. Untrue Unfaithful (That Was You) - Nita Rossi
3. Time Stands Still - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
4. The Third Degree - Marc Bolan
5. Tell It Like It Is - McKinley Mitchell
6. Tea For Two - Nino Tempo & April Stevens
7. Purple Stew - Thurston Harris
8. Please Stay - Pearl Jones
9. No Time For You - The Commands
10. Night Blue - Mickey Baker
11. I’m Only Laughing On The Outside - Bernadette Carroll
12. I Wonder - The Gants
13. I Won’t Be The Same Without Her - The Warner Brothers
14. Humba La La La - Peter Hoff
15. Fill Your Heart - Biff Rose
16. Come And Take This Hurt Off Me - Don Copay
17. Boy, What’ll You Do Then? - Denise & Company
18. Back In Your Own Backyard - Brenda Lee
19. Baby My Heart - Bobby Fuller Four
20. At The Party - Wade Flemons     


Thursday, February 8, 2018

X & Plus Quilt

Hey Folks! I'm proud to announce that my X & Plus quilt is complete!
I have this handmade Lap quilt for sale now in my Etsy Shop KITSCHYMAMA.
Here is a little sneak peek at the journey behind makin this beauty.
This is a Jen Kingwell Design Pattern that honestly seemed a little intimidating at first, but turned out to be sooo much fun. I never got sick of making these designs. Of course is was easy goes it the first few blocks, but this was by far the most rewarding quilt to initially assemble. 
I would force myself to at least make one block everyday until it was complete. People always ask me, where do you find the time. It's easier when you are basically looking forward to it daily. 
I made sure to use lots of my own handprinted fabrics as well as tons from my vintage stash. It turned out gorgeous and kinda intense, I love it!
Here is the finished beaut! It measures 51 inches x 67.5 inches, kind of a larger lap quilt or perfect for a twin or toddler bed. 
My husband being a good sport and patiently quilt modeling for me on a windy day.... :)

Purchase this Quilt or Other handmade goodies for sale here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Retro Obscuro #36

1. Adventure - Kevin McQuinn
2. Big Bad Wolf - Kim Garri & The Rhythm Kings
3. Big Tears - The Knights Of The Round Table
4. Catch Me - Jeri Lynn Fraser
5. Desire - The Trophies
6. Help Me - Jill Jones
7. I Can’t Help Myself - The Gems
8. I Wonder - The Butterflies
9. I’m Hooked - Bunny Paul
10. In This World So Small - Althea & The Memories
11. It’s A Funny Situation - Dee Dee Sharp
12. Jupiter-C - Pat & The Satellites
13. A King For Tonight - Barry Darvell
14. La La La La La  - The LaSalles
15. Like I Do - Maureen Evans
16. More Than You’ll Ever Know - James H. Stayton
17. Penny’s Worth Of Happiness - Jimmy Elledge
18. Song Of Songs - The Barrons
19. You Know I Do - Billy Mitchell
20. You Said That - The Easybeats
Background : Crazy Mood - The Thunderbirds