Sunday, April 7, 2019

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt

Hello! I am so proud to show my completed Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt. 
I have recently fallen back in love with quilting after a year or so long break. I told myself I had to finish up other quilt top projects before I started anything new and this was first in line.
Here's a shot of my first four blocks I made back in February of 2017. I have learned to biggest part of sewing is learning to dedicate time to FINISHING your quilting projects. I like to practice that discipline because finishing a quilt is SO rewarding!
My first 16 blocks and about 1/4 of the quilt. I originally began this quilt to avoid my drinking routine in the evenings. I've been referring to this project as my "Sobriety Quilt" for years and even though I'm not currently sober, this was such a helpful, creative and productive time in my life. 
I used a cute cactus print sheet for the backing. This was also the first quilt I did not machine quilt and rather used to old fashioned yarn tie method. I think the yarn ties really enhance the personality of this granny style thrift shop scrappy quilt. 
 This was a very improvisational quilt. I only allowed myself to use a handful of scraps from my bin per block. Whatever I chose, that's what I used. That is, hands down, my favorite way of sewing, I love to see what happens! 
Well, there ya have it! I have a few more tops to finish up and I'm excited!
Thanks for checking out my latest quilt and hopefully I can complete tons this year!

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