Friday, June 7, 2019

O The Place You'll Go!

Hello! I feel I needed to give thanks where it's deserved and today I am featuring all the great art collectives & shops my work has recently been accepted to!

Above is a beautiful display at Tangled Up In Hue. If you are a Wisconsin Artist, TUIH is the place to sell your work! They are so organized, friendly and supportive! So proud to have them in my city!
Doodle Bird Design + Gifts has also welcomed my work with open arms! I'm so thankful to have my work showcased here amongst other artists and crafters in the region!
Stop by Doodle Bird Design + Gifts 2803 East 42nd Street Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hwy North & HWY North @ Groundswell has also been so gracious! This amazing assortment of goodies is spread out between two locations and I am over the moon excited to have my work showcased with them!
        Visit both amazing Hwy North locations + 51 Judd St, Marine on St Croix, Minnesota 55047 &
       Hwy North @ Groundswell + 1340 Thomas Avenue St. Paul Minnesota 55104

Thanks for checking out my new locations!
Visit again to stay up to date on exciting news and upcoming consignment locations. 

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