Thursday, September 3, 2020

Retro Obscuro #10


*New Episodes of Retro Obscuro from here on out!*

Retro Obscuro will be aired on the new WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Radio Webstream Thursdays from 5pm EST. New episodes will be also played locally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on WHYS 96.3 Saturdays 5pm CST. All brand new episodes featuring all new songs & artwork! 

99th Floor - The Moving Sidewalks

Working For The Man - Roy Orbison

Wondrous Place - Billy Fury

Teardrops Follow Me - The Del Satins

She’s Everything (I Wanted You To Be) - Ral Donner

Robot Romp - Charlie Daniels

Raindrops - The Affections

Prima - Vivi

Outcast - The Animals

Mister Loverman - Yvonne Carroll

A King For Tonight - Barry Darvell

In This World So Small - Althea & The Memories

I Won’t Be The Same Without Her - The Warner Brothers

I Love You So - Ronnie Master

Hula Rock & Roll - Angeline & Hawaii’s Teen Towners

Forever And A Day - The Impact With Chuck Kaniss

Drop Everything And Run - Thane Russal & Three

Dislocation Twist - Rolf Harris

Desire - The Trophies

Crazy Little Secret - Paul & Paula

Come On-A-My House - Ross Bagdasarian

Boo Ho - Marvin Rainwater

Beatnik Baby - The Bee Hives

Background - Over The Steps - Rhet Stoller

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