Thursday, September 17, 2020

Retro Obscuro #12


Retro Obscuro will be aired on the new WFMU's Rock 'n' Soul Radio Webstream Thursdays 5pm EST. New episodes will be also played locally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on WHYS 96.3 Saturdays 5pm CST.

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 All brand new episodes featuring all new songs & artwork! 


                                                                My Heart Went Zing - Taylor Tones

Get Outta My Life - Syndicate Of Sound

Go-Go Girls - Sam The Sham & The Paraoahs

It’s All My Fault - Reble & The Jaguars

Insurance - Randy Leeds

I’ve Waited So Long - The Motion

Homer Went Home - Monty Bano

Misery’s Child - Marty Wilde

Melancholy Baby - The Marcels

Chocolate Ice - Lulu & The Luuvers

Gee I’m Sorry - Lee Curtain

Bongo Beatin’ Beatnik - Joe Hall & The Corvettes

Big Man - Joanie Sommers

Hully Gully Callin’ Time - The Jive Five

Arkie’s Got Her Shoes On - Fuzzy Owens

My Prayer For You - The Fireflies

Heartbeat - The England Sisters

Wish I Had My Baby - The Emanons

Blow Out The Sun - Della Reese

Jigsaw Puzzle - The Chelmars

Moody River - Chase Webster

Get Outta My Life - The Chance

Set Up Another Drink - Carl Phillips

Cheater - Bobby De Soto

My Heart’s Desire - The Blenders

Background - Wheels Cha Cha - Joe Loss & His Orchestra

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