Thursday, November 5, 2020

Tessa's Vintage Birthday Quilt

I love quilting but recently I've felt I need a reason to make something. Luckily I have no shortage of time and gifts to give for friends. I began patchwork for this quilt back in April, in the beginning of the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic in hopes of plenty time to complete it by November for my friend Tessa's Birthday. 
This picture of the quilt blocks placed out makes it look really tiny in my crazy studio but it's good size  lap quilt. Almost a twin size made of strictly vintage fabrics patterned & solids. 
Most of these lovely fabrics came from my bins and huge stash I've been collecting for 10+ years. 
Feels good to put them to use. Everything from sheets, tea towels and scrap fabrics from vintage clothing. 
I made a simple yet classic "Friendship Star" pattern highlighting really kitsch vintage characters in the centers of the stars. I kept up the vintage theme with simply doing a yarn tie where all the block corners met. 
The backside is a super psychedelic 1960s mod floral sheet I thrifted the same week I completed the quilt. It turned out perfect! This quilt and patchwork was so much fun to make using some of the coolest vintage children's fabric I've been hoarding over the years. 
Finally, my favorite part of quilting, the binding. I used a bright pink fabric that contrasts well with all the wacky patchwork. I love the hour or two I get to sit down with a quilt and hand sew all the binding. I get to cuddle up with the quilt for the first and only time fighting my cat over chasing my thread. 

There you have it! Tessa's Birthday quilt! 
Another quilt in the books!