Hello! I am Angela Wheeler the lady behind "Kitschy Mama".

I grew up in Wisconsin where I have lived for 34 years except for one year in Austin, Texas. Growing up as an only child in a rural area made me a little desperate for culture. Crafting, Art & Music truly saved my life.

 I got into crafting and sewing when I was a tween and began collecting records and vintage fabrics in my teens. I also had a little punk rock band with my cousins for a fun creative outlet that lasted for 8 years, called Kill Conformity. I was lead snarly singer, guitarist and songwriter.


(2002 Young, angry, me performing at "Beaner's Central" in Duluth, MN.)

I made my first quilt when I was 17 and have been quilting strong ever since, determined to do it my way. I've always felt being classically trained in a creative field kinda takes the fun out of the whole process. I love using unique textiles like clothing, bedding, kitchen linens & my own handprinted fabrics. 

(2018 "Fade To Black" Quilt.)

 I've been living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for 10 years with my husband Jonny & our two boys Nico & Rigby. In 2013, I began the podcast Retro Obscuro featuring rare records of the 1950's & 60's under the DJ name "Kitschy Mama" after a username I created for my Lastfm account. The name stuck and Retro Obscuro has played over 1000 rare songs since!

(2017 Me & my boys in snowy cold Wisconsin.)

In 2019 I began "Kitschy Mama Design" making sewn goods from handprinted fabrics and wooden earrings featuring recycled and upcycled materials like plastic, cork & rubber. 

During the pandemic my wholesale & consignment business took a back seat and I began exploring other crafts like yarn bombing & fabric twine baskets.