Kitschy Mama Wholesale Pricing, Ordering and Specifics

We would love to sell our jewelry in your shop!
Interested in selling our product? It's easy, just drop me an email or place an order on the bottom of the page!
Here are a few facts to know beforehand..

     Production Details +
     All earrings are handmade and designed by Angela Wheeler.
     They are sustainable, upcycled, unique and one of a kind.
     Modern geometric patterns, colorful and sleek.
     You can pick what you want for your order, colors, neutrals or both.
     Made of wood scraps sanded, stained, painted and repurposed.
     Some earring contain upcycled plastics from containers and everyday recyclable items.
     They are assembled with black or gunmetal stainless steel hardware.
     Backing provided is printed natural kraft card stock.

     Pricing +

     I sell wholesale work for a flat rate of $10 per pair.
     Generally retail prices can vary between $20.00 - $30.00
     The requested minimum wholesale order is a quantity of 10 (ten) to ensure a proper assortment.
     Payment & Shipping +
     I require either electronic payment through PayPal or snail mail, please email for mailing address.
     Orders are filled and shipped within 2 days of payment received.
     You will be provided shipping, tracking, and mailing specifics once the order is complete.
     Free Shipping!

    Tulip Gifts & Cards, Denver Colorado

    Displays and Artist Statements +

    You get the freedom to display my work as you please!
    If interested, feel free to request an artist statement card with your order for a proper display.
    Backing provided is 2 inch x 3.5 inch which can be punched for hanging displays.

      If you want to have eco friendly, unique fashionable jewelry in your retail space feel free to email me with any questions or order now!


Please Specify:  Colors, Neutrals or Mixed. 

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